Candle Collection 2022

Soy wax candles 

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The olfactory system, or sense of smell, is the sensory system used for smelling (olfaction). Olfaction is one of the special senses, that have directly associated specific organs. Most mammals and reptiles have a main olfactory system and an accessory olfactory system

Hand poured in England with natural ingredients specially selected to encourage contentment, this scented candle releases a nostalgic bouquet of rose absolute, patchouli and vanilla. Burn it during moments of me-time to turn your space into a sanctuary – if it's good enough to reside at every Soho House and Cowshed spa, it's deserving of a place in your home.

has a holistic range of charming, well-made products that are designed to work to your moods. If you’re worn out, use Knackered cow. If you’re annoyed, use Grumpy Cow. Committed to quality over everything else, Cowshed uses sustainably sourced, honest ingredients to make its products.

Inspired by the warm, inviting atmosphere at Little Beach House Barcelona, the Bianco candle from Soho Home will enliven your home with its zesty aroma.

Hand-poured using a blend of vegan-friendly mineral and vegetable wax, this candle combines citrus notes of Bergamot, Lime and Mandarin with Jasmine, Neroli and Smoky Musk for a fresh scent sensation. Siting in an alabaster vessel which has been handcrafted by artisans in India, the variations in colour make each candle unique. Emitting a beautifully soft glow when lit, use to brighten up a plain mantelpiece or bookshelf.

Calm is a soul-stirring scented candle with a soft, relaxing aroma from holistic wellbeing brand, kalmar.

Loewe is dedicated to the reinvention of craft


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