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Cushions - Heritage

Cushions - Heritage

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Recognised by its bright colors and rows of bold, woven patterns, kente cloth is more than a piece of fabric. With historical roots dating back hundreds of years — and deep meaning connected to identity, family and the creation of wealth — kente cloth is often little understood even if it is consistently recognised. 

Associated with wealth, high social status and cultural sophistication, Ghanain Kente cloth is probably the most significant and esteemed textile in Africa. Originally the 'cloth of kings', it now has a much more general accessibility and is woven in many forms and fibers. Together with Kuba cloth from Zaire, it remains the most venerated and recognized textile in Africa. The centre of kente world is a small town called Bonwire in Ghana. In this region, textile production of strip weaving among the Ewe and Akan tribes began as early as 1000 AD which had its roots in a long tradition of weaving in Africa dating back to about 3000 BC.

Yellow – royalty, wealth, beauty
Green – fertility, vegetation, forest, new harvest
Red – blood of ancestors, political, death
Blue – peace, harmony, love
Pink – love, happiness
Orange – wealth, joy
Gold – royalty, wealth, high status
Silver – joy, purity
Black – heritage, strength, spirituality
White – purity, festive
Grey – healing

The fabrics we choose are 100% cotton printed in bright colours with a technique that consists in applying wax resin on the fabric before submerging it in dye. We don't always get the same fabric colour-way or print design, so email here for more information.

Current lead time is 3 weeks from ordering, thank you for being patient.


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