About Us

At the heart of our mission is the joy we take in meticulously curating an array of items tailored for your living spaces. Many of these treasures bear the mark of independent handmade goods from around the UK and overseas, underlining our commitment to supporting a balance of ideas, creativity and craftsmanship.

Our curated items are a fusion and vibrant tapestry of coastal living in the North East and its rich countryside, harmoniously complemented by enriching qualities of African heritage, which play a defining role in shaping our creative direction because why can't the two exist in the same space.

BAESHA is a charming shopping concept for homeware, lifestyle accessories, and thoughtfully chosen gifts. Proudly based in the North East our brand draws its essence from a profound admiration for colour, pattern, print, and texture, all interwoven with a keen appreciation for global style, its aesthetics and the power of storytelling.