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Cushions - Bògòlanfini

Cushions - Bògòlanfini

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Please feel free to get in touch especially when you need clarification around the different materials and pricing involved, especially when they can vary so much.

Bògòlanfini patterns are rich in cultural significance, referring to historical events (such as a famous battle between a Malian warrior and the French), crocodiles (significant in Bambara mythology), and other objects, mythological concepts, or proverbs. Since about 1980, Bògòlanfini has become a symbol of Malian cultural identity. 

The fabrics we choose are 100% cotton printed in bright colours with a technique that consists in applying wax resin on the fabric before submerging it in dye. We don't always get the same fabric colour-way or print design, so email here for more information.

Current lead time is 3 weeks from ordering, thank you for being patient.


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