Wax Print Lampshade (Chrysanthemum)

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I’m a big fan of arts and craft movement, whilst this is not a William Morris print I appreciate the care and attention used to create this print. 
Arts and craft movement 
was a reaction against a perceived decline in standards that the reformers associated with machinery and factory production.

I included this for the love, appreciate and the vin  art of story telling.

Authentic wax prints fabric.


“It is everywhere but at the same time people don’t know really the story and the meanings of this textile,” says Anne Grosfilley, author of, African Wax Print Textiles. The books exploration of African fabric’s origins, techniques and cultural currency as well as a showcase of vibrant, eye-popping designs. “There are colours you would not see in other types of textiles,” Grosfilley says, citing deep blue with orange. These are also clothes with deep meaning: often, fabrics have hidden messages.

- Vogue