BAEŠHA - The Wellness Bundle October Event

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  • Handmade soaps, made and cured in a traditional cold process method made with essential oils and added botanicals. Lather; Medium.
  • Face/Travel Cloth - Cotton Dutch wax print fabric and bamboo. Small & neat.
  • SoapSaver - This eco-friendly exfoliating sisal soap saver bag is perfect for use with the BAEŠHA Soap, use the draw string to hang in the shower to help keep the soap dry and lasting longer.

This soap is inspired by our wonderful Northumberland. It speaks of a strong deep, natural organic root in nature's tidal process. We’ve added something to our gifting box for our 4-legged friends, a face cloth and soap saver and a cheekysample of our favourite tea to relax as you unwind.

Please note, colour may vary due to this being a natural handmade product.

Soap For

 Body and face


Cleansing | Detoxifying | Exfoliating 

To maximise best results of this product, use within 12 months of purchase.