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Candle Club - 2 x refills + unique hand thrown jar

Candle Club - 2 x refills + unique hand thrown jar

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Hand Thrown Candle Jar
Hand-Poured Candle Subscription made proudly, here in the North East. 2 x plant based candles with 1 x unique hand crafted jar

We’ve teamed with our lovely Natasha our local potter to bring our own unique reusable candle jars. Great as a gift and for those who are more environmentally conscious kinder to the planet ( as much as you can be with a fragranced candle! For us we use only the best rapeseed and coconut oil. 

Scent Notes are;

Grene - (Geranium and Cedarwood) From Middle English and Old English for Green 'rebirth and renewal and immortality.'

Friendship - (Orange Ylang-ylang Cedarwood and Clove)

Grand - (Mandarin Jasmine & Tonka Bean)

Ruby - Eucalyptus Cedarwood Saffron and Vanilla) To promote loving, nurturing, health, knowledge and wealth. Symbolising improved energy and concentration, creativity, loyalty, honour and compassion. Ruby is thought to be protective of home, possessions and family.

Zongo - (Bergamont Geranium and Amber) Celebrating fond memories of being on holidays, experiencing traditional markets, tasting new foods, enjoying unfamiliar scenes & food,  buying wares, open fires charcoal and wood burning in the chaos of a traditional market.


Candle Jars;

Collective Unconscious -  A concept to explain why similar themes occur in mythologies around the world. The collective unconscious had a profound influence on the lives of individuals, who lived out its symbols and clothed them in meaning through their experiences. (Look up Carl Jung)

Kindness - Kind to the earth, Kind to the planet and kind to each other. To be consciously aware of how we treat our planet as a business, improve our methods and best practices for the future.

Blush - Because love makes the world go round.

Salacia -  The female divinity of the sea. Living by the sea you can't but help being reminded just how amazing and powerful the sea can be. 

250g >  2 x candle refills + candle jar (Everyday) 

IMPORTANT!!!! Please remember candle refills for BAESHA are designed by us, for us. So from a safety perspective only use our containers. They should not be burnt as standalone candles or in other containers, as this may pose a fire risk.

  • Additional deliveries are not included in the price of the refill purchase
  • We carefully choose the contents based on the seasons, our best-sellers and current trends
  • Subscription refill service boxes is only available for delivery within the UK from from your subscription login details
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