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Candle Club Refil Service - 2 x Refills

Candle Club Refil Service - 2 x Refills

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Hand-Poured Candle Subscription made proudly, here in the North East. 

2 x Candle Refills

Scent Notes are;

Grene - (Geranium and Cedarwood) From Middle English and Old English 

Friendship - (Orange Ylang-ylang Cedarwood and Clove)

Grand - (Mandarin Jasmine & Tonka Bean)

Ruby - Eucalyptus Cedarwood Saffron and Vanilla) To promote loving, nurturing, health, knowledge and wealth. It has been associated with improved energy and concentration, creativity, loyalty, honour and compassion. Ruby is thought to be protective of home, possessions and family.

Zongo - (Bergamont Geranium and Amber) Celebrating fond memories of being on holidays, smelling food and buying wares, open fires charcoal and wood burning in the chaos of a traditional market.


IMPORTANT!!!! Please remember candle refills for BAESHA are designed by us, for us. So from a safety perspective only use our containers. They should not be burnt as standalone candles or in other containers, as this may pose a fire risk.

  • Additional deliveries are not included in the price of the subscription
  • We carefully choose the contents based on the seasons, our best-sellers and current trends
  • Subscription boxes are only available for delivery within the UK which you order from your subscription login details
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