What is BAESHA?

Posted by Solomon Agginie on

I started BAESHA to create a brand that would reflect the different careers I've worked in over 20 year. I felt they had a lot more in common than people might realise.

I've worked in retail, hospitality and as a psychotherapeutic counsellor. They all add something different to what I'd like this brand to offer and what I want it to stand for. At the beginning of 2020, I felt  it was time to put my experiences to good use- from working in London's fine-dining restaurants and then with a large technology manufacturer/retailer to supporting social and emotional development of children and young people from a range of social and economical backgrounds. I was ready to step out and work for myself, to see what I could give more of to others.

2020 presented us all with a lot of changes around the world. We all had an usual amount of time for self-reflection. I know I did my share and this gave me space to follow new passions and a chance to do something bold and new and  discover 'a new way of doing things.'

BAESHA is a name given to me by my mother who died in 2004. It is a name in the language of the Ewe people from South Eastern Ghana, where my family has its roots.


  • Love this so much Solomon! I still remember your tribute to your mum at IATE. I hope we get to meet again some day x

    Lisa Vinten on

  • This is beautiful Solomon! A heartwarming story and lovely creations. Wishing you great success! Sandra

    Sandra on

  • Hey YOU….
    I’m wishing you all the LUCK with this new endeavour and selling more goat soaps😁Hope your well.🤓

    Maria on

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